Frances Vorwerg School


Frances Vorwerg School is a state subsidized school catering primarily for cerebral palsied children but also for those with learning disabilities.

They have 382 pupils at present, aged between 3 and 18. The cerebral palsied pupils have disabilities ranging from minor physical impairment to permanent dependence on wheelchairs.

Special equipment such as custom built chairs and tables, wheelchairs, walking aids and computers are needed to facilitate mobility in the school and enable learning to take place in the classroom.

The school also has hostel facilities for both boys and girls from Gr 1 – Gr 9.

Aveng Moolmans donated 10 oil heaters to help warm the hostel during the icy winter months. Donating 4 I-pads along with a Wi-Fi printer was another need that Moolmans helped to fulfill.

These I-Pads are helping a few of the physically handicapped pupils work independently and achieve full participation in class. Along with this we donated school stationery and toiletries to some of the learners.